What is Replica

What is Replica? Replica is everywhere. It represents our societal structure, it is in the architecture in our city skyline, it is the food we eat, the music we listen to, the movies we watch, the fashion we wear. It is art, it is design, it is engineering, it is prayer. Everything tangible and non-tangible in our society has been replicated, mimicked, updated or imitated from previous historical sources.

Our Western Democratic society today is based upon an Athenian political structure founded in the 7th century BCE. However there are claims of democratic state institutions which have existed in India dating back to the 3rd century BC. Some scholars studying pre-Babylonian Mesopotamia cultures have identified what is labeled as ‘primitive democracy,’ a government in which the ultimate power rests with the masses of free male citizens. Civilizations across the ages have copied and replicated political structures. We have since increased the circle of liberty to include individuals despite ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation. Replica is our government, our laws, our moral fiber that connects us individuals. It is evolution.

Everything is founded upon and inspired from something else. This mantra is the core foundation of ReplicaTM label. We are self-aware, we are self-made, we are inspired, we are informed. We are the caretakers of our world. We have a voice and it is represented through our specifically tailored and designed exclusive garments.

We are the generation of sustainable businesses and we will improve the world.

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